Caption Builder 1.2 - Desktop Version for Windows 10

60 Photos in 60 Seconds...that's Caption Builder! It's the FASTEST and EASIEST photo labeling tool!

Label all your Xactimate (and others) photos in SECONDS!

AUTO-LABEL and AUTO-NEXT PHOTO in Xactimate or Symbility with no internet or login required. Start labeling your claim losses: hail, wind, fire, flood, collision, pipe break, freeze, etc. in record time.

💥 This is a one time purchase and it's yours FOREVER!

💥 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!


🎯 Create Custom Macros

Create a macro (Scope as we call it) of specific types of losses or areas during an inspection.

🎯 Create Categories

Create categories (or groups) of captions. "Eave" captions, "Shingles" captions, "Wall" caption, "Ceiling" captions.

🎯 Preloaded with 100s of Captions

Caption Builder desktop is pre-loaded with 3 scopes, 20+ categories, 100+ captions

🎯 Custom Damage Descriptions

20+ damage descriptions to accurately describe the damage/lack-of-damage to a photo.

🎯 60 Photos in 60 Seconds

The average user that uses Caption Builder a few times will begin labeling 1 photo per second!

🎯 Download Once & It's Yours To Keep

Download Caption Builder and keep it for life!

🎯 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our product. If you're unhappy, just let us know.

🎯 Hail, Wind, Fire, Flood...

Caption Builder is used for any type of loss!

🎯 Roof, Elevations, Interior, Exterior...

Use Caption Builder for any area of the dwelling, shed, building, apartment, automobile, etc.

🎯 GLR Statements

Use Caption Builder to plug in commonly used GLR statements.

🎯 No Internet Required

Caption Builder is downloaded to your computer, so no internet is required.

🎯 Auto Next-Photo

No need to manully click to the next photo in Xactimate or Symbility. Caption Builder does it for you.

🎯 No iOS/Android App to Fumble Through

Caption Builder doesn't interrupt your current scoping procedures.

🎯 Tag Any Photo

Tag any photo description with name of building, area and more!

🎯 It's EASY

No learning curve. Just click, click and click and watch the dreaded photo labeling experience wash away!

Training Videos

How To Automate Photo Labeling with Caption Builder & Xactimate
Creating A Scope (aka Macro) Of Captions
Demo Caption Builder & Symbility
Demo Caption Builder & Xactimate
Add Captions To A Scope

License Information

1 license per device.

Change Log

Update 1.3 (7-8-2020)

  • Improved stability
  • Fixed bug with the program not opening on some devices

Update 1.2 (5-20-2020)

  • Added ability to change tag separator
  • Added ability to dock program right or left
  • Added ability to limit the number of damage descriptions in view
  • Improved stability.

Update 1.1 (05-03-2020)

  • Added the ability to preserve settings on update.
  • Fixed bugs with adding categories.
  • Improved stability.

Stable Release 1.0 (08-01-2020)

  • Released stable version.

Beta Release (03-01-2019)

  • First released version.
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